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Phiota honors the 100th birthday of Bro. Pedro N. Diaz

Tuesday, November 29, 2011   (2 Comments)
Posted by: Francisco Lugo
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Phi Iota Alpha honors the 100th birthday of Bro. Pedro N. Diaz

New York, New York -October 2011

On November 22nd a delegation of Fraternity representatives attended the 100th Birthday celebration of Bro. Pedro N. Diaz in Caracas, Venezuela. The delegation’s journey began in October when Bro. Francisco Lugo, Executive Director of Phi Iota Alpha, was contacted by Bro. Pedro N. Diaz’s son Mr. Alfredo Diaz to discuss how to properly celebrate this amazing milestone in our Brother’s life.  Mr. Alfredo Diaz expressed that his father had fond memories of his undergraduate years in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and always spoke of Phi Iota Alpha both of which greatly influenced his life.  After some discussion it was decided to properly express the Fraternity’s well wishes by sending a delegation of brothers to visit him in Caracas, Venezuela.

A team consisting of members of the Board of Trustees, National Management Team, Finance, History Committee, and RPI Alumni Association was formed to coordinate the various aspects of this endeavor. Bro. Diaz was overjoyed to meet with the Brothers of Phi Iota Alpha, and his family members were very happy with the great lengths the Fraternity underwent to honor one of their own.

Bro. Pedro N. Diaz joined Phi Iota Alpha in 1937 during his senior year at RPI while pursuing a degree in Engineering. Soon after his graduation Bro. Diaz returned to Venezuela where he became active in developing the growing infrastructure of Venezuela as well as running his own asphalt company. He was also instrumental in furthering the study of engineering in Venezuelan universities. Bro. Diaz’s 74 years as a Brother of Phi Iota Alpha are a testament to the meaning of Brotherhood in Phi Iota Alpha, and truly an inspiration to our current generation.

Below is a brief bio of Brother Pedro N. Diaz submitted by his son Alfredo M. Diaz:

Pedro N. Diaz Gonzalez was born in November 21 1911 in Tariba, State of Tachira, which is in the westernregion of Venezuela near the Andes Mountains. He was born on a farm call "Peribeca"which was owned by his family,His father Manuel Antonio Diaz and mother Ana Clotilde Gonzalez; had sixteen children of which hewas the youngest of 14 brothers and 2 sisters. All the members of the family worked at the sugar cane plantation and coffee crops, which was their primary source of income. He attended the Silesian Catholic school in Taribaand later finished high school in the Liceo Caracas (now call Liceo Andres Bello)in 1932, right after graduation he departed to NYC where he attended Public School to learn English prior going into RPI. He succeeded in attending RPI as Civil Engineer; due to the fact his older brother Antonio Diaz was the Minister of Public Works in Caracasand was able to get him a scholarship to attend the RPI with the purpose to help build the highway infrastructure in Venezuela, which he did. My dad married Cristina Troconis in 1939 soon after returning from the United States andraised a family offour. His two daughters are Marina and Maria Cristina and two sons are Pedro and Alfredo. Dad always did comment about his greatexperiences in the US as a student and the great memories he haswith his fraternity Phi Iota Alpha. He was very happy to see members of his fraternity visit him during his 100th birthday on the 21st of November 2011.

While in Caracas, the team also had the opportunity to spend an evening with other Phi Iota Alpha Alumni living in Caracas, where over dinner they exchanged old stories and commonly shared fraternal experiences. The bonds that were reinforced during this alumni trip will surely prompt more travels to Venezuela and other Latin American countries where many of our Alumni now reside.

The Board of Trustees would like to thank the following Brothers who helped in the development and execution of this memorable trip to Venezuela.

Bro. Francisco Lugo, M.Ed. – Executive Director

Bro. Giovanni A Abril – Member, Board of Trustees

Bro. Marcelo Morales – Member, Board of Trustees

Bro. Juan Guardia, Ph.D –Member, History Committee

Bro. Gilberto D. Diaz– President , Alpha Chapter Alumni Association, RPI

Bro. Joe Matos – Member, Alpha Chapter Alumni Association, RPI

Additionally we would like to thank Bro. Pedro N. Diaz’s entire family, particularly his eldest son, the Mr. Alfredo Diaz, who received the Brothers into their home with great hospitality. This trip could not have been done without your gracious invitation and we are thankful to have shared such a wonderful moment together with your family.


Since 1931, Phi Iota Alpha has set precedents for Latino Greek leadership in the global community. For over 79 years, Phi Iota Alpha has cultivated and inspired Latino men nationwide to become leaders of their communities across Latin America and the United States. Open to all men, this distinguished brotherhood includes many professionals and former presidents of Latin American countries. Today Phi Iota Alpha, the Oldest Latino Fraternity in existence, continues to lead as the preeminent Latino fraternal organization with chapters throughout the United States.

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. -The Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence


Jonathan Rodriguez says...
Posted Saturday, December 3, 2011
This is very inspiring. Great article!
William R. Feliciano says...
Posted Thursday, December 1, 2011
What a great and inspiring article. Made me very proud to read this. To think that during his long life he always remembered and was fond of Phi Iota Alpha!!!! I think will be the case for all of us... Willie "Silencioso" Feliciano, Alpha Chapter, 1984

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