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Alumni Advisory Board Committee
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What is the current Alumni structure?
Currently the National Management Team (NMT) is responsible for implementing the strategic vision for the fraternity. Specifically, the Alumni Affairs Manager works with the Executive Director and Director of Membership services to implement the vision for alumni and respond to their needs.

What is the role of the Alumni Advisory Board Committee?

The Alumni Advisory Board will be a leadership group of 5 individuals that will work in conjunction with the NMT to:

  • Provide advice on policies, procedures, and growth opportunities for alumni to the Executive Director
  • Serve as a liaison between the fraternity leadership and alumni
  • Strengthen the ties with all alumni

Who will serve on the Alumni Advisory Board Committee?

  • Five duly qualified alumni who will represent one of the five fraternity Provinces (Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Western).
  • Ex-Officio members representing the Management Team:
    • Executive Director
    • Director of Membership Services
    • Alumni Affairs Manager

How will the Alumni Advisory Board be organized?
The Alumni Advisory Board will be empowered to create subcommittees able to implement National and Regional objectives, such as: communications, events, outreach, fundraising and outreach.

What are the responsibilities of the Alumni Advisory Board Committee?

  • Primary Roles and Responsibilities of Alumni Advisory Board
    • Implement chosen National Programming initiatives
    • Implement Regional and Local Alumni support initiatives
    • Monitor achievement of goals and objectives
    • Ensure vision continuity through leadership changes
    • Create committees that can carry out implementation of work plan
  • Joint Responsibilities with NMT
    • Establish goals for Alumni Affairs and Advisory Board
    • Selection of National Programming initiatives
    • Explore permanent organizational structures for Alumni
      1. Represent Alumni management to the alumni base and the public
      2. Nominate Alumni for awards
    How will members be selected?
    A selection committee comprised of the members of the Alumni Affairs Committee will review all applications and select the board members.

    How much time will it take to be on the Alumni Advisory Board Committee?
    We acknowledge that volunteers have a multitude of other professional and personal commitments. As such we try to minimize the amount of time volunteers need to invest. However, because there is a substantial amount of work to be done for alumni in our fraternity and because this is a new committee with many responsibilities, members will be asked to be dedicated and focused to the development of the alumni life in the fraternity.

    Board Member Requirements

    • Attendance at the Annual Meeting during the National Convention. This is critical, as it's the one time each year to bring Board members face to face to get to know each other and discuss experiences and ideas
    • Active participation on an Advisory Board committee or task force. Typically bi-weekly calls; tasks and assignments totaling 1-4 hours per week
    • Attended Provincial/Regional alumni functions whenever possible
    • Stay current with the communications from the fraternity, conference calls, and participation in quarterly all-Board conference calls. (A few emails a month, plus three one hour calls per year)
    What qualities and qualifications should Alumni Advisory Board members have?
    Candidate Profile
    • Requirements Three year post baccalaureate work experience
    • Effective communication and administration skills
    • Reside in one of the five Provinces (Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Western)
    • Character that embodies the Phi Iota Alpha values and ideals
    • Ability to relate to and work collaboratively with people of differing perspectives and experiences
    • Ability to train and mentor younger and older members
    • Willingness to serve without financial reimbursement

    Additional Preferences

    • Professional managerial experience
    • Fluent in Spanish
    • Well-known and respected in their communities or regions


    • Ability to look beyond today’s issues to consider long-term possibilities
    • Knowledge of multiple fraternal issues that affect the fraternity’s future based on personal, volunteer and/or professional experience
    • The ability to think and work beyond the perspective and interests of the chapter, region and organizations with which they are affiliated
    • Interest in pursuing new ideas and approaches

    Alumni Advisory Board members will be characterized by their interest in:

    • Exploring, refining and understanding the vision for alumni
    • Diverse perspectives and experiences
    • Translating vision into goals and actions
    • Energizing alumni to participate in actualizing our fraternal vision 
    How do I apply?
    • Fraternal resume (example:
    • Professional resume
    • Letter of Intent (1 page limit single spaced) We recommend your letter touch on some or all of these important topics:
      • Alumni Advisory Board will be reflective of the diversity and broad range of perspective of the alumni in our fraternity. Please tell us briefly how your background and experiences contribute to perspectives you would bring to the committee.
        • What makes Phi Iota Alpha special to you?
        • From your perspective, what would be a successful outcome of this committee?
        • Please give us a brief example of a time you worked in a group with various viewpoints and communication styles. How did you support understanding among the group and help promote action?
      For more information, contact the Alumni Affairs Manager at

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